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Medical mistakes can happen in any hospital or doctor’s office in Cincinnati. They can happen when a physician or surgeon does not get enough sleep, inadequately prepares, or fails to communicate. They can also happen when a healthcare facility does not sanitize its tools or properly train its workers. Medical errors, or medical malpractice, could determine a patient’s prognosis for recovery.

If medical errors have negatively impacted you or someone you love, contact the malpractice attorneys at Elk & Elk for a free initial consultation. Our lawyers can investigate your case, identify the at-fault party/parties, and help you file a claim within Ohio’s two-year deadline. Contact us today to speak to a Cincinnati medical error attorney.

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  • We will stand by you during your medical malpractice claim, working to obtain a resolution that suits your unique needs and goals.
  • We have a proven record of success in medical mistake claims. We have recovered more than $1 billion in settlements and judgment awards for our clients.
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When to Call a Cincinnati Medical Error Lawyer

Medical malpractice is a serious offense that can change lives. It is up to you as a victim to speak out against medical errors made during you or a loved one’s healthcare experience. Your story could bring accountability to the defendant and force him or her to make a change. You could potentially save other patients from experiencing the same injury or illness. A lawyer can help you with every step of your case, from investigating the hospital and gathering evidence to negotiating with insurance companies. A medical error attorney even has the power to take your case to court, if necessary for fair compensation.

Common Types of Medical Errors

A medical mistake can refer to any action or omission a reasonable and prudent healthcare practitioner would not have made in the same circumstances. Any infraction outside of the accepted standards of care in the medical industry could have a significant impact on the patient. Some types of medical mistakes are more common than others.

If you are not sure whether what happened to you qualifies as medical malpractice, contact an attorney to discuss your situation. If a doctor or facility owed you a duty of reasonable care as a patient, failed to fulfill this duty, and you suffered damages as a result, you likely have grounds for a civil claim.

Who Is Liable for a Medical Error?

The liable party will be the one most responsible for causing your injury or illness. It could be the doctor who worked with you directly, a nurse who contributed to your treatment, the facility where you sought care, a surgeon or surgeon’s assistant, a maintenance crew, or the manufacturer of a defective drug or medical device. Identifying the party that contributed primarily to your incident may take an investigation from a law firm. Your lawyer can gather any available evidence, hire expert witnesses, and help you create a case against the at-fault party or parties in Ohio.

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