Cincinnati Emergency Room Error Lawyer

When we have a medical emergency, we expect our injuries and ailments to be handled in a prompt manner. Unfortunately, the chaotic environment of an emergency room can lead to dangerous medical mistakes and malpractice – leading to significant injuries, illnesses, pain, and suffering, or wrongful death. If you or a loved one suffered due to suspected emergency room errors, contact Elk & Elk Co., Ltd for a free legal consultation. Our Cincinnati emergency room error lawyers can answer your questions and help you file a claim in Cincinnati.

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  • Our personal injury lawyers are proud to represent emergency room error victims in Ohio and have offices conveniently located throughout the state, including downtown Cincinnati.
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Types of Emergency Room Mistakes

The average emergency room in Cincinnati sees dozens – if not hundreds – of patients per day. Physician burnout, miscommunications, and trouble accessing patient information can all get in the way of providing proper patient care. This can lead to mistakes, medical malpractice, and serious patient harm. Any action or omission a reasonable physician or ER would not have committed may qualify as medical malpractice.

  • Failure to diagnose. Failure to accurately diagnose a patient’s condition is one of the most common examples of emergency room mistakes. Physicians may be in a hurry to reach a diagnosis because of a long roster of patients to see. This can lead to placing too much emphasis on certain symptoms and rushing to the wrong conclusion.
  • Improper management or execution of patient care. Exhausted staff members and badly organized management could lead to mistakes such as mixing up patients, failing to check medical histories, ignoring high-priority patients, or turning patients away because of discrimination or lack of insurance.
  • Medication mistakes. Medication errors such as prescribing the wrong drug or dosage, giving a patient too much of a drug, or failing to check for existing drug allergies or interactions could be fatal. Physicians and nurses should take their time in distributing medications, even in a hectic emergency room environment.

Emergency room mistakes can lead to a patient who is in critical condition not receiving the care he or she needs to survive. It could also cause misdiagnosis or another error that prevents a patient from receiving the treatment he or she needs. If you suspect an ER error, speak to an attorney from Elk & Elk Co., Ltd about your case. You may be eligible for damages from the liable party.

Who Is Liable?

Many physicians and surgeons working in emergency rooms are independent contractors, not employees of the hospital. If they personally make a mistake that harms a patient, the victim may be able to file a claim against the individual. If, however, a staff member of the ER makes the error (such as a medical clerk or nurse), the emergency room itself may be liable. The facility could also face liability if it contributed to the incident, such as through lack of staff training or a poorly maintained premises. A lawyer can help you identify the defendant in your case.

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Going up against the Christ Hospital Emergency Room, Mercy Health, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, or another ER in Cincinnati alone can be difficult. Insurance corporations may try to use delay-and-deny tactics to refute your injury claim or minimize your payout. Using a lawyer to handle settlement negotiations for you can ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. It can also give you the ability to focus on healing from your injury or illness, while your lawyer takes care of your claim. You are not alone. Contact Elk & Elk Co., Ltd for counsel from our attorneys, starting with a free consultation.