4 ways to stay safe on Ohio roads this St. Patrick’s Day

safe drivingWhether you are planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or not this year, you should be aware that the roads may be more dangerous than usual. Besides the ever-present threat of distracted and reckless drivers, authorities expect there to be an increase in drunk drivers.

Holidays and weekends are times when there is already an increased risk of drunk driving accidents. Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a weekend this year, this means the risk of being injured in an accident with a drunk driver is especially high. Below are four ways Ohio motorists can stay safer on the road this weekend.

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Motorcycle season is here: It’s time to review some safety tips

Prime motorcycle riding season is right around the corner in Ohio.

While you’re preparing your bike for the spring and summer season, it’s a good time to review some motorcycle safety tips:

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Off-label use of breakthrough cancer pain drug linked to serious opioid addiction and death

Source: Subsys

Cancer patients who are receiving regular pain medication and management can sometimes still experience sudden, intense flare-ups called breakthrough pain.

Subsys, a fentanyl-based pain relief mouth spray, was developed by Insys Therapeutics and approved by the FDA to treat the condition. The drug delivers a painkiller mist 100 times more powerful than morphine for pain that can’t be addressed with other narcotics in the patient’s usual pain management medications. When used as directed, Subsys offers much-needed relief for cancer patients during intense breakthrough pain flares. Continue reading “Off-label use of breakthrough cancer pain drug linked to serious opioid addiction and death”

Study finds more benefits of helmet use on motorcycles

Spring is right around the corner, and that means motorcyclists are likely getting their bikes ready for the road.

If you or your loved one rides a motorcycle, then you are likely already aware of the risks that come with riding a motorcycle. However, just like a bike needs a tune up after being put away all winter, motorcyclists can benefit from a brief refresher on safe riding habits. For instance, do you have – and regularly wear – a helmet? If you don’t, then this could be the year to make a change and start wearing one.

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New device would make it easy to see distracted driving history

There were 391,000 people injured and 3,477 people killed in distracted driving-related accidents in 2015.

But that number could very well be higher. In the aftermath of an accident, it can be difficult or impossible to know if the driver was engaging in distracted driving.

How do police officers know if a driver was using a phone while driving?

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Elk & Elk attorney William Price to present on ethical issues in personal injury cases

attorney ethicsAre you properly handling interactions with personal injury clients?

On Wednesday, March 21, join Elk & Elk attorney William Price at the Columbus Bar Association for a CLE presentation on ethical issues in personal injury cases. Price will offer valuable guidance and tips for avoiding common pitfalls to keep your practice running smoothly. Continue reading “Elk & Elk attorney William Price to present on ethical issues in personal injury cases”

Gallbladder surgery and trauma to bile ducts

Patients who have gallbladder surgery may sustain injury to their bile duct. Experts estimate that up to 1 percent of gallbladder surgeries results in a bile duct injury and then a bile duct stricture.

Bile duct strictures are the result of scars that narrow the bile duct. Narrowed bile ducts do not allow the bile to drain into the intestine. As a result, the bile will erupt from the liver and into the bloodstream and cause obstructive jaundice. People who have a bile duct injury as a result of a gallbladder surgery may begin experiencing symptoms shortly after the procedure. In some cases, it can take many weeks or months after the injury was sustained before symptoms are present.

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University Hospitals fertility patients notified of potential damage to stored eggs and embryos

University Hospitals fertilityAround 700 University Hospitals fertility patients and their families have been notified that frozen eggs and embryos stored at one of its hospitals may have been damaged by a freezer “fluctuation” over the weekend.

The issue occurred at UH Fertility Center housed in the Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood. It’s unclear what caused the temperature in the storage tank to rise. An alarm was sounding to alert staff of the issue when they arrived on Sunday morning, but no one was present in the facility when the problems began.

The liquid nitrogen freezer was holding around 2,000 egg and embryo specimens at the time of the malfunction. Some patients had multiple samples stored at the location.

If you were notified about the malfunction at UH Fertility Center, we can answer your questions and help you understand your legal rights.

Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.

Are self-driving trucks in our future?

Cars with self-driving features are already on our roads. An estimated 10 million self-driving vehicles are expected to be in use by 2020.

But surprising to many, self-driving trucks are also in our future.

Uber began testing driverless technology in delivery trucks in early 2017. The self-driving trucks have been delivering freight in Arizona since November.

Are they completely driverless? Not yet. Currently, a trucker is in the vehicle – but the trucker doesn’t actually drive. He or she simply monitors to make sure everything is working correctly – and to step in, if necessary.

But in the future, we may be sharing the road with driverless trucks.

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Do you buckle up in the back seat?

Most vehicles on the road today set off a reminder if you forget to buckle up in the front seat. Even if the incessant beeping doesn’t bug you enough to put on your seat belt, the other passengers in the vehicle will usually guilt you into wearing one to make it stop.

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