Toys to avoid giving this holiday season

The last thing people want to do this holiday is spend money on a gift for someone that causes serious injuries – especially to children. Unfortunately, it can and does happen: Every three minutes, a child goes to the hospital with toy-related injuries. As such, avoiding defective or potentially dangerous toys this holiday will be crucial.

Groups like World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc., (WATCH) put together a list of the worst toys of the year to make it easier to avoid dangerous products.

The list from WATCH includes:

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What are ‘never events’?

Doctors and nurses often use percentages to discuss the likelihood of certain events or outcomes. And rarely in these discussions will you hear a zero or 100 percent. In any procedure or course of treatment, there is room for risk and miracles, so rarely will people hear guarantees when it comes to health care.

But the phrase “never say never” rings true here, as there are, in fact, certain things that should never happen in medicine. These are “never events” and they refer to acts and situations that are so egregious and preventable that they should never occur.

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How to manage the financial fallout from an auto accident

By William J. Price

Auto accidents create debt instantly. As a victim, you could have to pay for medical bills and damage to your car, all while being forced to take time off of work to recover. The biggest expenses – hospital stays, surgery, long-term care, and medication – pile up quickly, creating a mountain of debt.

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Rules for snow removal and how to avoid accidents this winter

Ohio residents are preparing for the cold, snowy and icy conditions expected this winter.

Whether that means staying warm inside or digging out the snowshoes and skis for some outdoor fun, it also means brushing up on the rules of snow and ice removal from sidewalks and roads.

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The dangers of settling your injury case without talking to a lawyer

By William J. Price

A careless driver crashed into your car. Your injuries sent you to the hospital and kept you out of work for a month. You ask the driver’s insurance carrier to begin paying for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses their client caused. There’s a good chance they’ll tell you it’s not their problem.

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What are traffic clumps, and why are they dangerous for new drivers?

Driver’s ed teaches new drivers the basic skills for responsible driving. A temporary permit allows new drivers the chance to get driving experience.

But new drivers still lack experience behind the wheel.

One common traffic scenario that may be challenging for new drivers to navigate is traffic clumping.

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This Thanksgiving, beware of drunk drivers

If you are like millions of other people across the country, you are gearing up for a road trip on Thanksgiving.

Whether this trip is across the country or across the city, it is important to be mindful that certain hazards increase during the Thanksgiving holiday. The most dangerous, perhaps, is the increased number of drunk drivers on the road.

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How safe are electric scooters?

Over the past year or so, electric scooters have surged in popularity. Just two months ago, the manufacturer of one popular scooter, Bird, announced that about one year since launching, 10 million rides had been taken.

Unfortunately, scooter-related accident and injury numbers have also surged. And consumers are fighting back.

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The alarming rise in pedestrian accidents

The damage that can be caused to a pedestrian in an accident involving a motor vehicle is a reality that we, as attorneys, have seen firsthand and all too often in working with our clients. Even at very low speeds these accidents change lives irrevocably, both for the person injured as well as their families.

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Tips for making a home safe for the holidays

In the coming weeks, people across Ohio will be heading home for the holidays or opening their doors to welcome people in their own home. And whether you have people staying with you for a week or you are visiting someone for an evening, making sure a home is safe should be a top priority for every homeowner this time of year.

Below are some tips for how to make a home safer for visitors and what to watch out for to avoid potential accidents on someone else’s property.

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