Probate & Estate

Did you know Elk & Elk can assist you with estate planning, probate administration, guardianships and other life-planning services?

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Estate Planning

Not just for the wealthy, estate planning is simply a means to make sure your wishes regarding finances and your health will be honored in your absence. Each situation is unique, but it is important for everyone to have an updated will, durable power of attorney, a living will and other legal instruments. If you or a loved one has recently received a settlement or jury award in a negligence or wrongful death case, it is especially important to consult with an Estate Planning Attorney to protect your wealth and to ensure proper distribution of your assets.


What happens after a person dies? Can I sell the house to pay off bills? Who gets what? How do I know if there was a will? Our knowledgeable probate lawyers will help you, step by step, through the complicated and often frustrating process of naming an executor, paying creditors, selling assets (if necessary), and distributing assets to heirs in a fair manner.


When someone needs help caring for themselves and/or their property, the court can appoint a guardian with the legal authority (and duty) to make decisions on his or her behalf. Whether your situation involves an elderly relative, a minor child, a disabled adult child, an incapacitated person who requires medical treatment, or someone struggling with mental health issues, our skilled attorneys are here to listen to your concerns and find the best possible solution.