Phil, a partner at Elk + Elk since 2012, focuses on injuries of a catastrophic nature including personal injury, medical malpractice, trucking, products liability, and general tort law. He has won substantial verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients.

In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Kuri maintains active memberships in the American Bar Association and the Ohio State Bar Association.

He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association – Top 100 Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Ohio Academy for Justice, American Association for Justice – Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. He is admitted to practice in Ohio, before the Northern and Southern U.S. District Courts of Ohio and before U.S. federal courts.

Settlements and Verdicts

$39 Million Jury Verdict – Wrongful death due to the negligence of a construction company (April 2014)

The case was brought on behalf of a 41-year-old Ohio man struck by a vehicle and died while working in a construction zone. A Cleveland jury awarded $19 million in compensation for wrongful death and $20 million in punitive damages. The jury found 60% fault with the construction company, 30% fault of the driver of the vehicle, and 10% to the Plaintiff. Case settled on an appeal filed. Case tried with co-counsel.

$6.3 Million Jury Verdict (October 2009)

The patient suffered a hypoxic brain injury in post-operative recovery room due to failure to timely recognize respiratory distress and intubate the patient. The verdict was reduced pursuant to tort reform damage caps.

$3.65 Million (January 2017)

Truck accident where a floor mat (product defect) caused unintentional acceleration, causing severe and permanent injuries.

$3.5 Million (2014)

The client undergoing heart surgery and sustained permanent brain injury.

$2.15 Million – Wrongful Death (January 2023)

A Hamilton County family brought the case on behalf of a 77-year-old man who died as a result of his gastroenterologist (GI) failing to adhere to standard care. He aspirated during his EGD resulting in death due to aspiration pneumonia.

$2 Million – Employer intentional tort results in serious injuries (March 2009)

While at work, a crane fell on the Plaintiff, resulting in serious injuries and lost wages. Plaintiff was admitted for intense rehabilitation and surgery.

$1.375 Million – Birth injury during delivery (April 2014)

Labor and delivery claim resulting in permanent, debilitating brain damage to the infant.

$1.15 Million – Death due to medical negligence by heart surgeon (December 2013)

Plaintiff’s heart was damaged during a surgical procedure. The surgeon failed to repair the damage properly, resulting in death.

$800,000 Jury Verdict – Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death (September 2016)

The Decedent, age 69, was recovering in a nursing /rehab facility following bowel surgery. Plaintiffs alleged the Defendant physician negligently failed to appropriately order, manage and monitor the Decedent’s anticoagulation therapy resulting in a brain bleed and her death on August 3, 2011. (Hamilton County)

$785,000 – Slip and fall results in back injury (September 2009)

Plaintiff fell on a wet floor while shopping at a grocery store. The water was present on white flooring and was not visible by shoppers. Plaintiff suffered a lumbar strain.

$750,000 – Police officer struck by a motorist, resulting in severe back injuries (March 2014)

Plaintiff was on the side of the road when a passing motorist veered into her, slamming her into a parked vehicle, causing her to suffer spinal injuries.

$750,000 – Medical malpractice results in a patient’s death. (March 2012)

Plaintiff underwent surgery for the removal of a tumor. During the procedure, the surgeon damaged an artery, resulting in a massive stroke and death.

$650,000 – Serious injuries due to a motor vehicle accident (April 2012)

A pregnant woman suffered multiple fractures to her hip, sacrum, and back when a hotel employee lost control of a passenger shuttle and crashed.

$500,000 – Improper care results in diabetic coma and death (March 2012)

Woman dies in a rehabilitation center, due to improper monitoring of her blood sugar.

$450,000 – Nursing home resident injured during transportation (May 2013)

81-year-old Plaintiff was not secured properly while traveling in a vehicle and fell from her wheelchair, resulting in fractures to her knees and back.

$450,000 – (February 2011)

Nursing home staff members failed to follow safety protocols, dropping Plaintiff. The 77-year-old woman suffered lacerations and a hip fracture.

$430,000 – Employer Intentional Tort (September 2013)

Plaintiff’s fingers were severed while operating machinery due to her employer’s deliberate removal of a safety guard.

**All lawsuits are different and Elk & Elk makes no representation or promises that it can obtain the same results in other cases. These results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the outcome of any future legal matter. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.