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According to the most recent statistics available from the March of Dimes, 75.2% of babies born in Ohio in 2015 were to women receiving adequate/adequate plus prenatal care.

That may seem like a lot, but what about the 24.8% of infants who received intermediate or inadequate care?

To look at them in terms of numbers is one thing, but to imagine the lifelong struggles associated with neurological injuries is to acknowledge the bumpy road these children and their families have ahead of them.

Helping parents give their injured children the care they require

When children are injured because of the negligence of health care providers, they face medical, physical and emotional challenges. Their parents may face many years of additional medical and life-support expenses. Providing the care and nurturing necessary to help a disadvantaged child navigate the treacherous waters of life is an extraordinarily demanding prospect.

No amount of money can adequately compensate a family for a birth injury, but if your child has been hurt by a medical mistake, you need a law firm that can protect your family’s rights and their best interests.

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Common types of birth injuries we handle

We have handled thousands of injury claims, including many types of birth injuries. We have handled:

Why you need an experienced Ohio attorney

If your baby has suffered any type of birth injury as a result of negligent perinatal care, you need medical malpractice lawyers who understand the complexities of a birth injury case.

At Elk & Elk, we have the resources, experience, talent, and dedication to successfully pursue a birth injury claim and protect your family’s rights.

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