Tips to protect loved ones from assault in a nursing home

If your loved one is in a nursing home, you expect that facility and staff to provide proper care. You expect them to treat their patients – including your loved one – with dignity and make sure they are safe and comfortable. You do not expect them to abuse or assault their vulnerable residents.

Tragically, that can and does happen in facilities across the U.S. Recently, for instance, a case of assault made national headlines after a nursing home patient in a vegetative state gave birth. The man who allegedly assaulted her was recently arrested. Continue reading “Tips to protect loved ones from assault in a nursing home”

Releasing medical records

Individuals have the right, per federal law, to access their medical records. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) gives patients the right to access their health information and medical records.

Unfortunately, the hospitals releasing this information are not always consistent in how they deliver that information and what they communicate to patients.

A recent study looked into the issue of hospital medical record requests.

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What can (and cannot) prevent drowsy driving?

Did you know that driving while drowsy can be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated? Despite this fact, reports estimate than roughly 33 percent of drivers have driven when they were extremely tired in the previous month.

Unfortunately, drowsy driving is more common than it should be. However, every driver can take steps to avoid the risks of driving while sleepy.

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New law requires hospitals to disclose cost of medical procedures

In the United States, health care prices and costs are not easily understood.

Most patients do not know how much the medical services they are receiving cost. They submit their bills to insurance, pay their co-pay, and receive a bill. There is little attention paid to the actual cost of services or procedures.

But a new law may change that.

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How to deal with a condescending doctor

Visiting the doctor is usually not a pleasant experience. The situation is only made worse when the doctor is condescending, confrontational or in a hurry.

One thing patients know is that a doctor’s tone and demeanor matter.

A recent article on HealthLine examines how a doctor’s words and actions affect patients.

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FDA approves device to detect concussions better

After a car accident, fall or collision while playing sports, one of the main concerns victims and medical workers have is whether a person has a concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can cause some brain damage and chemical changes, even when it is minor. As such, properly identifying a concussion as quickly as possible is vital.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration approved a device to make concussion detection faster and more accurate. The device is Oculogica’s EyeBox and it could change how, where and when we test for concussions.

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Should pregnant women be included in research studies?

A recent article by NPR detailed the challenges doctors face in treating pregnant women with medical conditions – either pre-existing or pregnancy-related. The effects of certain medications may be unknown or unstudied, so doctors often rely on what they’ve always done.

Pregnant women are not typically involved in medical research studies, due to ethical and safety concerns for both the mother and the fetus. Pregnant women are among what is considered a vulnerable population, and studying them is generally not permitted.

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Changes coming to Ohio Amish country roads

Drivers in and around Cuyahoga county are likely quite familiar with the presence of people in the Amish community. And while Amish and other residents may not occupy a lot of the same spaces together, we do share the roads.

Unfortunately, this is creating some serious – and dangerous – problems for everyone. Across Ohio, there have been 860 fatal crashes involving Amish buggies between 2012-2017. More than 700 people suffered injuries in the accidents. Citing these troubling numbers, the U.S. Department of Transportation and Ohio Department of Transportation are partnering to make roads in Amish country safer for everyone.

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Dangerous toys of 2018

Every year, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund publishes a report detailing findings from a survey on toy safety.

This year, the PIRG’s survey included 40 toys. Of those, 15 were found to be potentially unsafe or hazardous due to:

  • Choking hazards
  • Small parts
  • Balloons (which pose the greatest threat of a choking)
  • Magnets (potentially dangerous if swallowed)
  • The presence of boron
  • The presence of lead
  • Being potentially privacy-invasive (in some smart toys or connected toys)

Thousands of new toys are manufactured every year. The PIRG survey only looked at 40 of them. Here are some of the toys that were mentioned in the report:

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