Motorcycle Accident

Should you get uninsured motorist coverage?

Here's an important question to ask yourself: How much could you afford to pay out of pocket if you were injured or your car was damaged by an uninsured driver? What if you were the victim of a hit-and-run? (more…)

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Ohio looks to crack down on distracted driving

New legislation – the Hands-Free Ohio Bill – seeks to ban handheld electronic devices while driving. “Distracted driving hurts and kills innocent people. It devastates families,” said Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, an ardent supporter of the bill. Under the proposed bill, motorists would be prohibited from activities like watching videos, taking pictures or videos,...

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Motorcycle season is here: It’s time to review some safety tips

Prime motorcycle riding season is right around the corner in Ohio. While you’re preparing your bike for the spring and summer season, it’s a good time to review some motorcycle safety tips: (more…)

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