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Construction is America’s deadliest industry. Construction companies are responsible for the reasonable safety and well-being of workers. Lapses in safety supplies, training, or measures can cause preventable workplace accidents and serious worker injuries. Pedestrians can also suffer injuries on an unsafe worksite. If you or someone you love has been injured on a construction site in Cincinnati, contact Elk & Elk to speak with a Cincinnati construction site injury lawyer.

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When to Call a Cincinnati Construction Site Injury Attorney

Construction accident claims can be difficult to pursue because of the involvement of a construction company. Going up against a construction company and a major insurance corporation alone may result in accepting less for your damages than are needed for you to move forward. Insurance companies may take advantage of you and convince you to settle for less than the true value of your claim. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Cincinnati to take over claim negotiations can strengthen your case and help you obtain fair recovery – all while you focus on healing.

OSHA’s Fatal Four

Construction site accidents are almost always preventable. About one in five worker deaths in the U.S. are in construction, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA keeps track of violated safety standards in this industry to showcase the importance of obeying federal regulations. Broken rules cause most construction site accidents and injuries. Each year, OSHA updates its list of construction’s “Fatal Four” – the four accident types responsible for the most construction worker deaths.

  1. Falls. Falls took 381 lives in 2017. Falls from ladders, slip and falls, falls from construction equipment, and falls from roofs and scaffolds can all cause serious injuries.
  2. Struck by an object. Construction workers and pedestrians passing through sites can suffer serious head and brain injuries from dropped objects, tools, and materials.
  3. Electrocutions. Electric hazards require special tools, equipment, and training to avoid on a construction site. Failure to take the proper precautions could cause deadly accidents.
  4. Caught-in/between. Working around heavy machinery and large equipment comes with the risk of getting caught in or between objects and suffering severe injuries.

As a construction worker or innocent bystander, you have rights after any type of accident in Cincinnati. The construction company, an employee, a product manufacturer, or the property owner could be responsible for your damages. Working with a Cincinnati construction injury attorney can give you the resources to file a claim against an at-fault party in Ohio.

Who Is Liable?

If a property defect, such as an uncovered trench, caused your construction site accident, the owner or manager of the property may be liable. If a construction worker caused your injuries, the company may be liable through vicarious employer liability. Employers are always liable for the actions and behaviors of their on-duty employees in Ohio. If a defective piece of equipment caused your injuries, the manufacturer may be liable. Determining liability and filing your claim against the correct party is easier with help from an attorney.

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