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Our Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2019

Top posts from 2019

  1. Electric Scooter Laws

    scooter laws

    Cleveland E-Scooter Laws 

  2. Protecting Amish buggies in Ohio

    Ohio taking steps to protect Amish buggies

  3. When to stop for a school bus

    When do you have to stop for a school bus in Ohio?

  4. Tips for seniors to avoid falls

    5 Essential tips for seniors to avoid falls

  5. Driving with a hangover

    driving with a hangover

    Think twice before driving with a hangover

  6. What’s the punishment for killing someone while driving drunk?

  7. Ohio drivers will soon only need one license plate

  8. Ohio drivers compared to other states

    How do Ohio drivers compare to drivers from other states?

  9. Discrepancies in releasing medical records

    Releasing medical records: Discrepancies in how they are released

  10. Roundup $80 Million Verdict

    Roundup Lawsuit Update: Monsanto ordered to pay over $80 million in Roundup cancer verdict