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How do Ohio drivers compare to drivers from other states?

QuoteWizard, a popular insurance comparison website, recently released its annual Best and Worst Drivers By State list.

The list ranks drivers in each of the 50 states in terms of safety. A number of factors are considered in determining the rankings, including the number of car accidents that occurred in that state, fatalities, drunk driving incidents, speeding tickets, and other citations.

How did Ohio rank?

Ohio was ranked #8, meaning, according to QuoteWizard’s methodology, Ohio drivers are the eighth-worst in the country. Last year, Ohio was ranked #14.

Only 7 states were ranked lower than Ohio:

7: Idaho

6: Minnesota

5: North Dakota

4: California

3: Nebraska

2: South Carolina

1: Maine

Which states ranked the best?

According to the list, drivers in Michigan are considered the best, followed by Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Illinois.

What can drivers in Ohio do to improve their rankings – and stay safer on the road?

  • Practice defensive driving: Even if you are a safe driver, the person in the lane next to you may not be. This is where defensive driving comes in. Drivers should always pay attention while driving, and expect the unexpected: A car changing lanes without signaling or a driver running a red light, for example. Planning for the unexpected can help drivers avoid costly and potentially dangerous collisions.
  • Avoid unsafe driving practice: Defensive driving is only possible when you’re avoiding dangerous driving practices yourself. Avoid using your phone while driving – taking calls, sending text messages, using apps or navigating a GPS, for example. Avoid drunk driving: Get an Uber or have a friend drive you home. Additionally, obey the speed limit and other traffic laws. Lastly, respect other drivers on the road. Don’t follow too closely, always use turn signals, and extend the same courtesies to other drivers that you would like to receive yourself.

Only time will tell if Ohio can improve its rankings. And ultimately, it’s not about rankings – it’s about the safety of everyone who drives or rides as a passenger on Ohio roads.