Cincinnati Bedsores in Nursing Homes

Bedsores are preventable ulcers that arise from constant pressure against one part of the body, such as the tailbone for a patient on bed rest. Bedsores can be painful and affect the underlying tissues, muscles, and bone in serious cases. They can lead to life-threatening infections and even wrongful death. Proper care of nursing home residents can prevent bedsores.

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Why Do You Need a Bedsore Lawyer in Cincinnati?

Bedsores do not occur in nursing homes with proper nursing care and medical attention for residents. Quality nursing homes have schedules to track which nursing home residents to turn and when. This helps prevent residents from staying in one position too long and developing bedsores. Negligent nursing homes are not diligent enough to prevent bedsores and may engage in elder neglect or abuse. These are dangerous situations for elderly residents. Developing bedsores could compromise an individual’s future health and wellness.

About Bedsores

Bedsores happen when prolonged pressure on the skin cuts off blood supply to the area, causing necrosis, or tissue death. The affected area can present swelling, changes in skin color, an open sore, or pus-like draining. The most common areas for pressure sores are bones that protrude and press against surfaces, such as the tailbone, buttocks, shoulder blades, back of the skull, backs of the knees, and heels. Nursing home residents confined to wheelchairs or beds are most likely to develop bedsores.

Bedsores can occur when something exerts prolonged pressure on the resident’s skin or causes friction over the skin. Poor nutrition and dehydration can contribute to the likelihood of bedsores. Serious cases can have health complications for the resident, including cellulitis (an infection of the skin), bone and joint infections, sepsis, and cancer. Residents with bedsores may require treatments such as wound care, debridement, physical therapy, help from a dietician, and surgery to recover.

Elder Neglect and Bedsores

Bedsores are often a sign of nursing home neglect since they do not occur if a resident has proper attention from a nurse or caregiver. Lack of mobility, malnutrition, unsanitary beds, moisture or wetness, and lack of cleanliness can all contribute to the development of bedsores. If your loved one has bedsores, hire a lawyer to investigate the nursing home. There may be evidence of elder neglect or abuse. Your family could have grounds for a personal injury claim against the facility and may be eligible for financial compensation.

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Bedsores are serious conditions that could cause significant pain and suffering and expensive medical bills. If a nursing home should have reasonably prevented bedsores but failed to do so, your loved one could receive a recovery for past and future losses. Talking to an attorney can give you important information about nursing home resident rights and your legal options moving forward. The nursing home injury attorneys at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd have experience in this practice area and can help you file a claim in Cincinnati. Contact us today to start your case with a free consultation.