Defective Toys

A child with a new toy brings joy not only to the child, but to parents, grandparents and other adults who give children presents. Sadly, this joy can turn to tears very quickly if the toy is defective and causes injury or illness.

If a child you love was injured because of a defective toy or other plaything, take action. Not only will you be helping to prevent such injuries from occurring again, but you will be obtaining justice for the child.

At Elk & Elk Co., Ltd., we help parents whose children are injured because of defective and dangerous toys. We have been seeking compensation and justice for injured clients for more than 50 years and know how to build strong cases.

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Examples of recalled and dangerous toys

Toys can be dangerous for many reasons. They can cause choking, strangulation, punctures, lacerations, falls, poisoning and other types of injuries and illnesses. Dangerous toys for kids can include:

  • Teddy bears
  • Rocking horses
  • Stacking toys
  • Pull toys
  • Animal figures
  • Wind chimes
  • Activity attachments for strollers

Items such as these have been recalled because of lead paint, sewing needles left inside, harnesses and ropes that could strangle, small parts, instability, and other hazards.

In 2011, Fox News identified the 10 most dangerous toys; these included:

  • Plastic sunglasses with lead paint
  • Cardboard books
  • Marbles and small bouncy balls
  • Burst balloons
  • “Close to the ear” toys that exceeded the allowable decibel rating

Our law firm has the resources needed to pursue these often complex cases

Toy cases can be challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the true manufacturer of the item or its component parts. Packaging and instructions are frequently thrown away before a child plays with a toy. Sometimes the distributor or wholesaler has closed its doors and vanished. In other instances, the manufacturer is overseas and difficult to track down.

Our legal team is equal to the challenge, and our attorneys use our vast network of experts, specialists and investigators to identify the source of the defect and determine the liable party.

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