Injuries Caused By Unsafe Car Seats

To keep small children safe, Ohio law requires that they use a car seat or booster seat when they are in a car. There are even specific rules as to what kinds of seats are allowed for children of different ages and sizes, but sometimes car seats are defective. When car seats cause injuries to your children rather than prevent them, you could be entitled to damages.

After an injury caused by a car seat, you probably have a lot of questions:

  • How could the product you chose for protection actually hurt your child?
  • Did the manufacturer know about the dangers of the car seat?
  • My child was hurt: What are my legal options?

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Helping the families of children who have been injured by dangerous car seats

We do everything we can to protect our children, and we expect those who design and manufacture products for them to ensure that those products are safe. However, car seats and car booster seats have been recalled due to a variety of defects. Car seat defects include:

  • Harnesses detaching from the seat
  • Improper manufacturing that leads to decreased strength in car seat parts
  • Incorrect steel used in the clips
  • Incorrect warnings
  • Flammable materials used in the car seat

These defects can cause severe injuries to our children, including broken bones, head injuries and even death.

If your child has been injured by a dangerous child car seat, our attorneys want to hear from you. We have been assisting families during difficult situations for more than 50 years and we want to help you.

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