Defective Seat Belts

We depend on seat belts to protect us if we should ever get into a motor vehicle accident. But seat belts are not always designed and manufactured to save us. If you are wearing a defective seat belt when driving a car, you could be subjecting yourself to unnecessary risks without even knowing it.

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When seat belts do more harm than good

Dangerous seat belts come in many forms, and while there have been many seat belt recalls, sometimes we do not see the problems until it is too late. Faulty design, improper manufacturing or simple dangerous seat belt parts have caused some types of seat belt defects, including:

  • Rather than locking during impact, the seat belt unspools
  • The seat belt breaks away from the car because of incomplete stitching
  • The seat belt does not latch shut or unlatches with force

Motor vehicle accidents can be extremely complex. Proving who was at fault or what was responsible for injuries often involves detailed observation by experienced eyes. At Elk & Elk, our attorneys and other injury professionals focus solely on injury claims, giving us the knowledge and the skills to protect your rights.

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