Deadly Smoke Detectors

Although Ohio municipalities vary, they all require smoke alarms to some degree — in new construction, in remodeled buildings, in businesses and in industrial plants. And people usually are compliant. After all, it has been demonstrated that smoke detectors save lives, and the chore of installing and maintaining smoke detectors is pretty minor compared with the benefits they offer.

But when smoke detectors fail to do their jobs or fail to sound the low battery warning, questions arise about their effectiveness and safety.

Certain types of detectors are more likely to fail

When smoke detectors don’t work, people can die or be seriously burned. Numerous smoke detectors have been proven to be defective and have been recalled. This is particularly true of ionization alarms, which are designed to detect heat in slow-burning fires such as smoldering upholstered furniture.

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Investigating the cause of the fire

Our law firm has the resources needed to investigate the fire and the malfunctioning smoke detector. We consult with fire safety experts, product engineers and burn specialists from around the United States to learn the truth after a defective smoke alarm left you with serious burns, lung damage and no place to live.

Our lawyers also use state-of-the-art courtroom presentation technology that allows us to tell the story of the fire and how you and your family were affected. In some instances, we will film a re-created fire so that jurors understand how the failure of the smoke detector caused your injuries.

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