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Medication errors fall under the category of medical malpractice law. Medication mistakes can be fatal for patients in need of life-saving drugs. Errors at any point during medication prescription, administration, or dispensing could harm the patient. If you or a loved one has injuries, an illness, or another harm because of a medication error, our Columbus attorneys can help. You may have a case against a physician, nurse, or pharmacy. Contact us today for a free consultation at our local Columbus law firm.

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  • We have practiced personal injury law for five decades, and have secured over $1 billion in results for clients.
  • We have the resources to accept even the most difficult cases. We are not afraid of going up against large corporations or hospitals.
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  • We use a contingency fee payment arrangement. We only charge attorney’s fees if we secure the client a monetary award.

Do You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Medication errors can cause serious, long-term damages to a patient. The patient may suffer an overdose, adverse drug interaction, or allergic reaction. The patient may also suffer from not receiving the actual drug he or she needed. When someone else’s negligence or malpractice causes serious harm, call a lawyer to handle the claim. A lawyer taking over insurance negotiations with hospitals or other parties can help you avoid settling for too little. It can also remove the burden of legal action from your shoulders so you can focus on you.

Why Do Medication Errors Occur?

Medication errors can happen when the healthcare facility or one of its staff members makes a careless mistake in prescribing or administering medications. They can also happen in a pharmacy setting when pharmacists misread a doctor’s handwriting or make another lapse that results in the incorrect medicine, dosage, or patient. If a healthcare professional fails to fulfill the accepted standards of care under the circumstances, medication errors can occur.

  • Overworked and fatigued physicians
  • Prescription errors
  • Failure to look at a patient’s drug history or use
  • Doctor distraction
  • Staffing issues
  • Miscommunications between personnel
  • Improper dosage or wrong drug
  • Wrong patient
  • Failure to order the proper drug under the circumstances
  • Computer glitches
  • Failure to warn of risks

Determining the cause of a recent medication error could take an investigation from a law firm. At Elk & Elk, we have personnel on staff such as investigators and medical malpractice attorneys who can identify who or what caused your injuries, and then help you file a claim against that party.

Damages Available in a Medication Error Claim

Bringing a medical malpractice claim against one or more parties for a harmful medication mistake could result in payment for your related damages. You could be eligible for reimbursement of all your past and future expenses connected to the mistake.

  • Past and future related medical expenses
  • Lost income and capacity to earn
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress or mental anguish
  • Lost quality or enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Out-of-pocket costs such as court fees
  • Punitive damages

Elk & Elk has obtained multi-million-dollar awards for clients during medical malpractice claims over the years, including a $6 million outcome for the administration of a paralytic agent to an ICU patient instead of the correct medication. We have the experience and resources to help you obtain maximum compensation.

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