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Emergency room staff members must have the proper training and preparation to successfully sort and care for ER patients. However, the chaotic nature of an emergency room can result in mistakes being made, leading to tragic consequences for those already in need.

If an emergency room in Columbus, Ohio failed to provide you or someone you love with the accepted standard of care, contact our Columbus medical malpractice lawyers at Elk & Elk today to discuss your case. You may be eligible for significant compensation due to the negligence of the emergency room.

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Do You Need a Lawyer?

Filing a claim for injuries sustained in an emergency room mistake requires the skills and knowledge of an experienced lawyer.

  • Proving negligence can be incredibly difficult without the help of a dedicated legal team.
  • Determining the full value of your case requires financial experts and other professional help.
  • Hospitals and their insurance providers can be difficult or otherwise hard to deal with in negotiations.

At Elk and Elk, we can help you take care of all these issues, providing you with the support necessary to secure the maximum possible compensation for your needs.

Types of Emergency Room Mistakes

As a patient, it can be difficult to know whether an emergency room actually made a mistake that negatively impacted your care. You might not know how the average ER works or what to expect from the standard duties of care. It can help to know which types of emergency room errors more commonly result in lawsuits than others.

  • Refusing to treat a patient because of discrimination or lack of insurance
  • Ignoring or downplaying symptoms
  • Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose a medical condition
  • Making prescription or medication errors
  • Misinterpreting test results or ordering the wrong tests
  • Failing to refer the patient to a specialist
  • Unfairly delaying treatment

An emergency room mistake could result in a lack of proper treatment for an injury, illness, or condition. It could have a lasting effect on your health and wellness. The patient may receive treatment for a disease he or she did not have, or miss out on a treatment that could have saved the patient’s life. If a prudent ER would have done something differently in similar circumstances, the emergency room may be guilty of malpractice.

Proving Liability for an Emergency Room Mistake

The burden of proof falls on the plaintiff in an Ohio medical malpractice claim. It is your side’s responsibility to prove the defendant’s breach of duty. This may take evidence of the emergency room mistake, such as accounts from eyewitnesses who saw your mistreatment or testimony from medical experts who can confirm that the ER did not fulfill industry standards. A lawyer can gather evidence to support your case on your behalf, and present it to a judge or jury during a medical malpractice claim.

A lawyer may also help you fulfill the burden of proof by establishing the defendant’s duty of care, negligence, and the connection between the mistake and your damages. Whether you or a loved one suffered additional medical bills, physical pain, emotional distress, lost wages, or a worsened health prognosis for the future, a lawyer can fight for fair compensation from the at-fault emergency room. You do not have to prove your case alone.

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