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Christmas Winter Storm 2022: Staying Safe at Home and on the Road in Ohio

Car in winter

It looks like there will be snow for Christmas, after all! A significant winter storm will most likely affect northern Ohio, beginning early Thursday morning and lingering into early Christmas day. The storm is bringing strong winds, heavy snow, and chilly temperatures with it. This will be the coldest Christmas in over two decades for Ohio. As you prepare to travel for Christmas (or if you plan on staying inside), here are a few tips and suggestions on how to stay safe and warm during the winter storm.

At Home

If you’re spending time at home, it’s important to take the following precautions to ensure your home is winter safe. According to the National Weather Service, many homeowners are concerned about losing power, heat, and telephone service. So what can you do to keep yourself safe and warm at home? 

  • Clear snow safely 
    • Shoveling can be very strenuous, so it’s important to stay hydrated, dress properly, take frequent breaks, and shovel at a comfortable pace for yourself.
  • Minimize fall risks 
  • Stay warm the safe way 
    • Dress for the cold winter by using layers to keep your body warm. Also, you can carry spare hand warmers for added warmth.
  • Be prepared with a supply of non-perishable food items 
    • Sometimes it’s difficult to leave the house after a major snowstorm, so keep items like canned or dry soups, cereal, and canned vegetables such as green beans, carrots, and much more.

Driving Outside

In the event you have to drive during a winter storm, it’s essential to take extra caution when it comes to the safety of yourself and others around you.  

  • Remain alert when the roads are bad
  • Clear your car entirely of snow before heading out 
    • Not only does clearing your car of snow help with visibility, but it also helps keep other drivers on the road safe too.
  • Put your phone away but keep it nearby in the event of an emergency
    • This can be from putting your phone away in the glove compartment to placing it in a purse. It’s essential to have it nearby if you need to use it for emergencies, but it can also be a distraction if you’re using it while driving and not remaining alert. 
  • Don’t crowd the plow 
    • The snowplows are there to help clear the road, and it’s important to give the plows the space they need to do just that.