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Sharing the Road with Snowplows

sharing the road with snowplows

After the recent snowstorms, plow trucks have been working extra hard (upwards of 12 hours a day) to create safe driving conditions for everyone. The long hours and rough weather make room for potential accidents to happen. Keep yourself and others safe when near snowplows by following these tips:

Stay out of blindspots – Visibility is low

With the combination of snow coming down and kick up of snow on the street, visibility can be very low for plows. Try to stay out of blind spots as well as driving directly in front or behind a plow.

Give snowplows space on the road – they travel at a slower speed

While snowplows drive slower, it is important to avoid trailing a snowplow and passing them. With the slippery roads, it can be become more difficult to stop resulting in an accident.

Drive with caution – Roads will not be perfect

People may believe driving behind a snowplow means there shouldn’t be any issues with the roads, but that is not always the case. Snowplows can sometimes miss parts of the road, meaning they are still slick and should not be trusted a safe. Always drive with caution while snowing, even if the road looks clear.

Consider not driving

When so many snowplows are out trying to clear the streets, avoid driving unless necessary. The fewer cars on the road, the more time snowplows must create safer driving conditions. If you need to go out, consider the above tips to avoid accidents from occurring.

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Remain a defensive driver and stay safe!