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How To Sue For a Dog Bite Attack In Ohio

Ohioans spend a lot of time outside during the summer, whether they are doing yard work, walking around the neighborhood, or eating outside on a restaurant patio. And for the most part, these outdoor excursions are fun – or at least uneventful.

That can all change if a person is bitten by a dog. Unfortunately, a dog bite can ruin more than a person’s summer, so it is crucial that victims take action. If you or a loved one has been a victim of an aom/columbus/nimal attack, contact a Columbus dog bite lawyer today.

Getting medical help

Dog bites – or any type of animal bite, for that matter – can be very dangerous. They can lead to rabies or bacterial diseases including tetanus, as well as painful and possibly disfiguring injuries.

Because of the potential risks of a bite, it can be crucial to get medical attention, even if a bite seems minor.

Reporting the animal bite

As this article from the Ohio Department of Health notes, any person with knowledge of an animal biting someone should report the incident to the local health commissioner within 24 hours. The department can then assess and possibly quarantine the animal.

Filing a legal claim

If the bite results in damages, including emotional distress and trauma, victims may want to explore their options for legal action. A personal injury lawsuit can hold the animal’s owner, keeper or harborer liable for the incident and help victims and their families recover compensation for damages.

Ohio Dog Bite Statues

There are a couple important things to keep in mind if you wish to pursue a legal claim after a dog bite. First, according to Ohio statutes, a dog’s owner (or keeper or harborer) is nearly always liable for biting injuries caused by his or her dog, even if it’s the dog’s first biting incident.

However, that person typically will not be liable if a victim was trespassing or provoked the animal.

Understanding the laws addressing dog bites and the legal remedies that may be available can be more difficult than people expect. As such, it can be important for bite victims (or their families) to discuss the details of a specific situation with an attorney.