Ohio Dog Bite Lawyer

Elk & Elk’s dog bite attorneys know a scar can run much more than skin deep

Ohio Dog Bite Lawyers

Nearly 5 million people are bitten each year by dogs and more than 800,000 need medical attention from those bites, according to the CDC. Each of these accidents is an unfortunate and potentially traumatic experience for the victim, but, depending upon the viciousness of a dog attack, dog bites can be especially physically damaging. When you’re injured from a dog bite, who is responsible to pay your expenses?

In many cases, the dog owner’s homeowners or renters insurance will cover dog bite liability legal expenses for the victim of the dog bite. According to Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), in 2018 homeowners insurers paid out $675 million in liability claims related to dog bites and other dog-related injuries.

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What classifies a dog as dangerous or vicious?

The meaning of a “Dangerous Dog”

A “dangerous dog” – a dog that, without provocation, has chased or approached in either a menacing fashion or in an apparent attitude of attack, or has attempted to bite or otherwise endanger any person, while the dog is off the premises of its owner or keeper and not reasonably controlled by a person, or not physically restrained or confined in a locked pen which has a top, locked fenced yard, or other locked enclosure with a top.

Meaning of a “Vicious Dog”

A “vicious dog” is a dog that, without provocation, has killed or caused serious injury to any person; a dog that, without provocation, has caused an injury other than death or serious injury, to any person, or has killed another dog.

Legal Responsibilities of Owners of Dangerous and Vicious Dogs in Ohio

Dangerous and vicious dogs must be kept in a securely confined locked pen that has a top, locked fenced yard, or other locked enclosure that has a top. Alternatively, dangerous dogs may be tied with a leash or tether, so that the dog is adequately restrained. Dangerous and vicious dogs are permitted to be unrestrained when they are lawfully engaged in hunting and accompanied by an owner, keeper, or handler.

When a dangerous or vicious dog is off its owner’s premises, the dog must be kept on a chain-link leash or tether that is not more than 6 feet long. The leash or tether must be controlled by a person of suitable age and discretion. Otherwise, the leash or tether must be securely attached, tied, or affixed to the ground or a stationary object, so that the dog is adequately restrained to prevent it from causing injury to any person. Alternatively, the dog must be muzzled.

The owner of a vicious dog must maintain a liability insurance policy providing coverage of at least $100,000 for damages caused by the dog.

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