UH Fertility Center

University Hospitals’ egg and embryo tragedy: The story

The Story In early March 2018, catastrophic events at a University Hospitals' (UH) fertility center permanently changed the lives of approximately 950 patients and their families. A malfunction caused temperatures to rise in a freezer tank containing eggs and embryos. Nobody was present in the lab at the time of the incident. A remote...

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Letter from University Hospitals reveals new details about catastrophic failure at fertility clinic

A new letter to patients affected by the recent storage tank malfunction at University Hospitals fertility center revealed the actual number of affected eggs and embryos was twice the amount initially reported. The hospital is blaming the malfunction on human error as investigations into the failure continue. (more…)

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University Hospitals fertility patients notified of potential damage to stored eggs and embryos

Around 700 University Hospitals fertility patients and their families have been notified that frozen eggs and embryos stored at one of its hospitals may have been damaged by a freezer "fluctuation" over the weekend. The issue occurred at UH Fertility Center housed in the Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood. It’s unclear what caused the...

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