4th of July Fireworks Around Ohio

Independence Day is almost here, which means it's time to find out what festivities are going on around you. Whether you'll be spending the day at a backyard barbeque or traveling into the city for the local fireworks display - there's no wrong way to celebrate. How will you be celebrating the 4th of...

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Have a blast on the 4th of July with these tips for safe and fun festivities!

How are you and your loved ones celebrating the 4th of July this year? For some, the holiday is spent at a backyard barbeque enjoying the local fireworks display with friends and family. Others take the opportunity to get out of town for a few days and celebrate in a new place. Follow these...

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Sparklers: 4th of July fun or accident waiting to happen?

Sparklers seem harmless. You’ve probably stocked up on them for 4th of July picnics and cookouts and handed them out to your kids without a second thought. But did you know these “toys” can burn as hot as a blow torch? Or that they are one of the leading causes of fireworks-related injuries? (more…)

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