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Dog Bite Lawyer: Does Your Dog Collar and Leash Need Replaced?


By William J. Price

In dog bite cases, the leash often plays a pivotal role in the plaintiff’s case. Under Ohio law, the plaintiff’s attorney can sue the defendant using various theories to hold them accountable. However, if an incident occurs while the dog is off-property and walking with its owner, the plaintiff’s attorney’s first request will be for the location and preservation of the dog’s collar and leash. While pet owners try to control their dogs and do everything right, a failure of the leash can lead to an accident.

Leash Examination During a Dog Bite Case

When examining the leash, several factors are considered. Such as:

  • Whether the leash and collar fit the dog appropriately or are too big. The collar should also be appropriate for the breed of dog.
  • Wear and tear on the leash or collar, and any damage caused by the dog will be scrutinized.
  • The leash’s swivel, buckle, clasp, and handle will be checked to ensure they are working correctly and not broken. It is also important to consider whether the leash material’s strength is adequate for the breed it is attached to.

Environmental factors such as walking in the rain or near a body of water can cause the leash to become slippery and difficult to grip, which can affect the control of the dog.

Many people often overlook the importance of the leash, but it is a key part of many dog bite cases. Therefore, if your leash starts to look old, it may be time to buy a new one.

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