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Woman Injured by Store Employee



You never know when an injury will become more serious. At the time of most accidents, injuries may seem less painful as adrenaline is flowing and the real pain has not set in.

For one client this was all too true. She was injured in a department store by an employee who hit her in the back of the foot with a floor scrubbing device. In any personal injury case, it is important to know who will be held accountable for your injury. In this case, the retail store needed to be held responsible for their employee’s actions when they caused this woman harm. This is a legal doctrine known as respondeat superior — Latin for “let the superior make answer.”

Unfortunately, on video, the accident didn’t look like it was that big of an issue and we knew that might be a problem for us in court. But the evidence was on our side.

We had proof of all of her medical records and countless expenses she was forced to incur due to this incident. The injury developed into a much more serious condition — one which kept her unable to work for almost two years after the accident. So not only did she have her medical bills but she had the loss of income this accident had caused. Furthermore, her injuries will continue affect her for a very long time.

You may not feel in a large amount of pain right after an accident so it’s always a good idea to seek medical attention immediately. You then want to follow that up with visits if the pain persists or you’re presented other issues that could be linked to the injury.

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— Kevin L. Lenson