Kevin L. Lenson joined Elk & Elk Co., Ltd. in January 2010 and focuses his practice on auto accidents, workplace intentional torts, and premises liability. Kevin was honored to be listed as an Ohio Super Lawyer every year since 2015.

He passed the bar in 1996 and has worked for two plaintiffs’ law firms in Northeast Ohio since. He earned his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1992 and went on to earn his law degree from the University of Toledo in 1996.

Lenson’s professional memberships include the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers and the Ohio State Bar Association. He’s married, has a daughter and two sons and resides in Solon.

Four words describe Lenson’s greatest strength, he said: “I’m a people person.”

“That’s what I really enjoy the most about being a plaintiffs’ lawyer,” he said. “I really enjoy meeting and working with people, especially people I can help; people who have gone through struggles, unfortunate circumstances.”

He said he takes “great care” with each and every client and it’s his satisfaction in helping them see their way to a fair resolution that makes him most satisfied with his work.

“I think one of my greatest strengths is my ability to explain to people how the law works and how it applies to their specific situations,” Lenson said. “I always deal with my clients on equal terms. If there’s something they don’t quite understand we work through it until they do.”

Lenson said any effective client-lawyer relationship is built on a solid foundation of good communication.

“That’s the only way to proceed. I mean, the most important aspect of doing this type of work is good, solid client communication.”

He said aside from making sure his clients know the status of their cases, he likes to check up on their progress, health-wise, make sure their families are weathering the legal concerns in the wake of an unfortunate incident, and reassure them everything is going to be OK.

“That’s how we level the playing field,” he said. “Sometimes that’s all it takes – a little time to listen, to explain about something. And, at the end of the day, that’s what makes me feel like I’ve actually helped someone – that look of relief, understanding – and knowing I’ve helped someone through a very difficult time.”

He said joining Elk & Elk Co., Ltd. and being able to use the firm’s vast resources will only help him get that feeling more and more.

“Working with a firm the size of Elk & Elk gives me an opportunity to handle a variety of cases all over the country and, as a result, to be able to help the most people.”

Settlements and Verdicts

$1,300,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Cuyahoga County – 2022

Recovery for a man who was injured by an uninsured motorist while driving on I-90.    The plaintiff’s vehicle rolled over several times.  His injuries included multiple fractures/surgeries and the degloving of his hand/wrist.

$648,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Fremont, Ohio

The client sustained a serious hip fracture requiring immediate surgery and a lengthy hospital stay and recovery. Co-counsel: Widman and Franklin.

$575,000 – Workplace Injury – Cuyahoga County – 2022

Recovery for a man who was seriously injured after he fell off a roof fracturing both of his heel bones. The plaintiff was not provided adequate fall protection by the lead contractor.

$565,000 – Worksite Accident

Worksite accident where our client sustained a closed head injury and missed a significant amount of work following the accident. The client’s dump truck completely flipped over due to overloading at a construction site. Co-counsel: Oscar E. Rodriguez.

$555,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was being transported in an ambulette and was not properly fastened. The client sustained a fractured leg and vertebrae.

$500,000 – Workplace Injury – Hocking County – 2022

Recovery for a man who was injured while assisting a friend with the hoisting of a large stone at a cemetery. The stone was not properly secured to the hoist causing it to fall on the plaintiff. He sustained multiple fractures and the amputation of several toes.

$425,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accident where our client suffered a fractured dominant left wrist requiring 3 operations and missed over a year from work.

**All lawsuits are different and Elk & Elk makes no representation or promises that it can obtain the same results in other cases. These results do not guarantee, warrant, or predict the outcome of any future legal matter. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

Client Reviews

January 2021

Thank you Kevin, gave great reassurance, examples, and explanations… on his part was helpful to my claim with his recommendation and diligence and knowledge. Thanks again, Kevin