What are the biggest dangers of dog bites?

In Washington, many residents have a pet dog. In fact, Washington ranks in the top 10 pet owning states. This means you have a high chance of running into a dog even if you do not own one yourself. 

While this normally is not a problem, it can become one quickly if a dog decides to bite you. After all, you can suffer numerous risks after a dog bite attack. 

Infection from bites

Healthline discusses possible health risks associated with dog bites. Infection is one of the biggest and least-known of the potential harms you face. Many bacteria live inside a dog’s mouth. This includes dangerous ones like pasteurella, staphylococcus and capnocytophaga. If you have a weak immune system, you are at greater risk for these infections taking root and threatening your health. Some dogs also carry MRSA, though no current reports of transmission via dog bite exist. 

The physical damage caused by bites

You also face physical damage. A dog bite often packs enough pressure per square inch that it can result in a bone fracture or break. You may also suffer from muscle or nerve damage as teeth tear through soft tissue. 

Tetanus is another serious health risk. It is a bacterial disease that can cause severe health complications. Of course, there is also the risk of rabies, which is a viral condition that affects your central nervous system. It can lead to death in days. Anyone who does not know the origin or vaccine history of the dog that bit them should seek medical attention immediately. 

In rare cases, dog bites can even lead to death. This is most common among children, making up a total of 70 percent of dog-related deaths.