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As baby boomers age, the number of hip replacement procedures performed each year will continue to grow. These medical implants provide a new beginning for those who were sidelined by pain and lack of function. For others, however, hip replacement devices result in pain, additional surgeries, and diffusion of metal ions in the bloodstream. These may cause a variety of problems in the heart, nervous system, and thyroid gland. Victims injured by these devices may be eligible for compensation for their medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other costs related to their injury.

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Why Choose Elk & Elk

Elk & Elk is Washington state’s first choice for medical device injury claims. Our firm has worked tirelessly across the United States to secure compensation for victims of hip replacement accidents. At Elk & Elk, we understand that going about your daily life can be excruciating – that is why it is important you reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can file your claim and win your compensation.

  • Elk & Elk has over 50 years of experience helping ensure the rights of victims of medical injuries across Seattle and the United States of America.
  • Our firm is capable of handling complex and confusing cases that other firms are unable to successfully deal with due to the confusing Washington state laws surrounding medical malpractice and injury.
  • Hip replacement settlements and lawsuits could help victims secure significant compensation and Elk & Elk has proven our ability to secure maximum payouts. We have secured plenty of multimillion-dollar cases within personal injury law.

Why Do I Need a Hip Replacement Injury Attorney?

Moving forward with a Seattle medical malpractice attorney after a hip replacement injury is crucial. Because of how complex these cases can become, you need to have someone with experience handling medical malpractice cases by your side.

  • Deciding to utilize an attorney will better help you negotiate with the hospital that performed your surgery and the insurance companies involved in your case.
  • Your attorney will have the resources to work with trusted economic professionals to help ensure any settlement offer you receive is adequate.
  • Your attorney will also have access to medical professionals who will determine the specifics of your case. Additionally, your legal representation will recover medical documents from the hospital that treated you and utilize them to strengthen your case.
  • A Seattle hip replacement attorney will collect all the necessary documentation to file a claim.

Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacement Devices Most Likely to Cause Problems

Although there are risks associated with all hip replacement devices, metal-on-metal hip replacements appear to cause many of the problems patients experience. The metal ball and socket slide against each other during normal movement such as walking or running. Over time, the friction can cause small particles to enter the space around the implant. Eventually, ions from these particles can enter the bloodstream. Those ions can prove dangerous to someone, jeopardizing their health and causing injury as particles are distributed throughout the body.

Symptoms of a Defective Hip Implant

In addition to causing problems with other bodily systems, the metal particles can damage tissue and joints around the implant. They may cause the implant to become loose and/or very painful. Symptoms of a defective implant include:

  • Pain in the groin, hip, or leg
  • Swelling at or near the hip joint or other signs of infection
  • Change in ability to walk or a newly acquired limp
  • Loosening or instability at the site of the implant
  • Dislocations of the hip replacement

How We Can Help After a Defective Hip Implant Injures You

Each lawyer at our firm is backed by a team that includes paralegals, medical specialists, engineers of all kinds, nurses, and other experts who can help identify the source of your injuries and determine the effect of the defective device on your life, work, and family. This extensive network of experts and specialists allows us to level the playing field for our clients when we take on the large medical device manufacturers. We use our resources and the experience of our attorneys to build the strongest possible cases for our clients.

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When dealing with a hip replacement injury, deciding whether to use a lawyer and choosing which firm to hire can be overwhelming. Along with the long-term financial benefits that will come with choosing one of our Seattle hip replacement injury attorneys at Elk & Elk, you will be able to relax as you will know every decision that is made with your case due to our transparent communication policy.

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