Insurance Challenges in Motorcycle Accident Claims

After a motorcycle accident caused by the negligent actions of another driver, victims need compensation. Not only do they need coverage for their property damage expenses, but also for any medical expenses caused by the injuries. Unfortunately, recovering compensation through an insurance carrier after a motorcycle collision can be challenging. Here, we want to discuss a few of the most common challenges associated with motorcycle accident claims in Washington.

Insurance Carriers Refuse to Offer a Fair Settlement

Insurance carriers often seek to minimize payouts, which results in lowball settlement offers. Despite clear evidence of liability or significant injuries, adjusters may offer a settlement far below what is necessary to cover all damages. Riders in Seattle face increased risks due to wet roads and varying terrain, which can lead to severe accidents. Insurance companies might exploit this by downplaying the extent of the injuries or the costs involved in repairing or replacing a motorcycle.

Lack of Evidence to Determine Liability

Proving liability in a motorcycle accident is crucial for a successful claim. However, gathering evidence after a collision can be challenging, especially if the accident scene is not preserved. Traffic congestion and unpredictable weather in Seattle can affect the scene, making it difficult to collect accurate details. The absence of clear evidence can result in disputes over fault, allowing insurance carriers to deny or reduce claims.

Negative Bias Against Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists often face stereotypes that paint them as reckless or aggressive riders. This bias can affect how insurance carriers and even juries view claims. In Seattle, where motorcycles are popular for both commuting and recreation, riders must be prepared to challenge these misconceptions. Riders should collect witness statements, dashcam footage, or expert testimony to refute any baseless biases.

You Don’t Have Time to Focus on the Claim

A motorcycle accident claim requires meticulous attention to detail. You may need to request police reports, gather medical records, negotiate with adjusters, and pursue legal action if necessary. While recovering from injuries or adjusting to lifestyle changes, handling these tasks alone can be overwhelming. A Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer can alleviate the stress, especially when understanding state-specific laws and local insurance requirements.

Statute of Limitations Considerations

In Washington, accident victims typically have three years from the date of the crash to file a personal injury claim. This may seem generous, but insurance companies often draw out the settlement process, hoping that victims will miss the filing deadline. Seattle motorcyclists should consult a Seattle personal injury attorney soon after an accident to preserve evidence and meet all legal requirements in time. 

Compensation You Could Receive

Motorcyclists who sustain injuries caused by the negligence of other parties in the Seattle area are often able to recover compensation for their losses. This includes not only coverage of their medical bills and property damage expenses but also the possibility of lost wage recovery, coverage of out-of-pocket expenses are rising due to the incident, as well as emotional and psychological pain and suffering damages. The total amount of compensation available after a motorcycle crash will vary depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding your particular collision.