Pedestrian accidents and foggy conditions

In some parts of the country, winter weather is receding, and warmer temperatures are being welcomed. During the spring, many people enjoy spending time outside and some people want to get exercise by jogging or going for walks. Although this can be a great way to burn calories and enjoy the outdoors, it can also present certain dangers, such as the risk of a pedestrian accident for those who find themselves near traffic. Moreover, the risk of a pedestrian accident can be especially high at certain times, such as periods of heavy fog.

Whether someone regularly walks their dog alongside the road or walks to work in the morning, this can be particularly dangerous if it is foggy. For example, those who walk alongside the road may be struck by a driver who was unable to see them or stay on the road due to fog. In rural areas, where there may not be any sidewalks, walking on the shoulder of the road can be very dangerous if it is foggy. Moreover, some pedestrians may try to cross the street and if there is a great deal of fog, they may have difficulty seeing oncoming traffic.

As a pedestrian, it is paramount to be mindful of weather conditions and how they can affect your safety on the road. If you were hit by someone who was driving too fast or veered off of the road, regardless of whether or not it was foggy, you may want to contact a car accident lawyer to secure benefits you are entitled to.