Know the rules of the road when biking in Seattle

Seattle is frequently named as one of the best biking cities in America. Whether you cycle here for fun or commute to work or school on your bicycle, knowing the applicable laws can help keep you safe on your bike.

Follow these Seattle safety regulations when traveling on two wheels to avoid a serious car accident injury.

Where to ride

Seattle laws allow cyclists to travel on city sidewalks. However, you must do so carefully while giving pedestrians the right of way. You must also sound the horn of your bike when approaching a walker.

If you choose to ride on the road, stay in a designated bike lane where available. When a road does not have a bike lane, stay as far to the right as possible.

How to ride

When you ride on the road, you are subject to the same traffic laws that apply to motor vehicles. You cannot ride next to more than one other cyclist in the same lane unless you are on a separate bike path.

The law prohibits hanging onto another vehicle while riding your bike. You must keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times and may not carry large items that prevent you from doing so. You cannot have a passenger unless he or she has a separate, permanent seat, with the exception of a child who rides on a parent’s bike in a safety seat.

Required equipment

If you ride your bike at night in Seattle, you must have a white headlamp at the front of your bike. The light must be visible from at least 500 feet away. You must also have a red back reflector that is visible from at least 600 feet away. All bikes must have a working brake.

If you experience a serious injury in a Seattle bike accident, you may have a legal claim for your injury. You can seek damages for medical bills and other associated costs when a motorist caused the collision by hiring a bicycle accident attorney