Is drowsy driving a form of distraction?

Washington drivers like you understand that distracted driving behaviors pose risks to everyone. But did you know that certain forms of distracted driving can happen without you knowing about it? Or even doing anything to distract yourself? 

Drowsy driving falls under this category. There is nothing you are doing in particular that will distract you. It is the state of your awareness that is the distraction here. 

Drowsy driving related fatalities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keep track of drowsy driving statistics. Experts estimate that up to 6,000 motor vehicle deaths a year stem from drowsy driving. Not only that, but the accidents are increasing with time rather than slowing down. Despite an increase in awareness of drowsy driving dangers, people continue to drive drowsy. 

Who drives drowsy?

This may happen because it is so easy to drive drowsy. You only need to get less than six hours of sleep in a night before driving for it to count. You can struggle to sleep well for many different reasons, too. Some include: 

  • Taking medicine that induces sleepiness 
  • Having insomnia or other sleep disorders 
  • Suffering from physical or mental health issues that impact sleep 
  • Having a graveyard shift or being a shift worker 
  • Working as a commercial driver, especially a trucker 

Workers in modern society like you may find yourself struggling to get a full night before you have to work. Many of your co-workers are in the same position, along with tens of thousands of other drivers. Unfortunately, this creates a situation in which tons of people are driving in a state of distraction. In turn, this makes the road a much riskier place for everyone.