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When mom is the victim of a birth injury

Birth is a remarkable event. The birth of a child should be a joyous moment for the parents, but especially for the mother. She is responsible for the creation of a new life, a momentous occasion. Yet many mothers suffer birth injuries and complications after they give birth that are misdiagnosed or completely ignored....

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Shocking Washington State car accident statistics

We all know the dangers of driving and how important it is to pay attention on the road. The more we know about car accidents, the more we can do to prevent them from happening. Let’s take a look at some statistics about car accidents in Washington State. This information is based on data...

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Seattle “Duck” crash due to mechanical failure

The crash was the ultimate result of what happens when companies fail to follow proper rules and was clear negligence. The company was aware of the potential for mechanical failure of the axle housing in 2004, and they made a “fix” in 2005 that was inadequate and “poorly executed.” The Seattle operator had copies...

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