Can using a rideshare service keep you safer on the road?

Rideshare services are increasingly popular, especially in cities. They allow you to pay a fee to get a ride.

These services have been around long enough now to assess how they impact the safety on the roads. The Insurance Journal explains a study now shows rideshare services help to decrease DUI incidents and other accidents.

The rate

The study from the University of Texas Health Science Center showed the more rideshare services in use equaled fewer accidents. The rate of decrease was about one-third for every 1,000 rideshare uses.

In Houston specifically, the rate of DUIs dropped to 19 per day from 22.5 per day after the introduction of rideshare services in the city.

Who benefits

While everyone benefits from fewer car accidents and a reduction of impaired drivers on the roads, the age group the study identified as benefitting most from rideshare services were those age 30 and younger. This age group had a 39% drop in injuries from accidents.

Why it helps

There is no definitive answer to why rideshare services make roads safer, but the thought is largely related to the reduction in impaired driving. These accidents are often incredibly serious and result in fatalities or severe injuries.

By having access to a ride for hire, younger people are less likely to drive themselves. Since the under 30 crowd is the most common age group to go to bars or parties with alcohol, lowering the number of these intoxicated drivers on the roads has an obviously positive effect.

Rideshare services can be a wonderful alternative on a night out. They allow you to avoid getting behind the wheel after drinking, which can save your life and the lives of others.