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UPDATE: Philips Agrees to $1.1B Settlement in CPAP Foam Legal Battle

UPDATE 4/29/2024: Philips has reached a $1.1 billion deal to settle lawsuits over the CPAP devices. We are no longer taking in new cases. Read more about the settlement.

Despite the settlement, Philips maintains that it does not admit fault or liability for the injuries caused by the devices. However, the company acknowledges the need to end the uncertainty associated with litigation in the U.S., emphasizing patient safety and quality as top priorities.

  • Who:  Philips and its subsidiary, Philips Respironics, produce CPAP and ventilator machines millions worldwide use to manage sleep apnea.
  • What: The FDA recalled millions of Philips and Philips Respironics CPAP and ventilator machines due to dangerous defects related to insulating foam breakdown, which poses serious health risks. The recall was classified as Class I, indicating a high probability of severe adverse health consequences or death.
  • When: The recall was initiated in 2021 after concerns about the devices’ safety surfaced.
  • Where: The recalled devices were distributed worldwide, but the legal proceedings and settlement negotiations took place mainly in the US.
  • Why: CPAP and ventilator machines were recalled due to degraded insulation foam that could release harmful particles or chemicals into users’ airways, leading to serious health risks.

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