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The Biggest Secret to Elk + Elk’s Success? Our Staff!

By William J. Price

I have dedicated 18 years as a lawyer at Elk + Elk, and over those years, the firm has quietly changed. We have accumulated an array of awards, verdicts, and settlements that rival any firm in Ohio. However, the true secret to Elk + Elk’s success lies in the unique contributions of our staff. Despite their essential role, the tireless efforts of our staff often remain hidden from the public eye.

Our paralegals and legal assistants work tirelessly behind the scenes with perseverance, exceptional skill, and a positive attitude that other peers in the legal community are envious of.

As we approach Administrative Professionals Day on April 24, it’s important to acknowledge that the professionals who truly drive Elk + Elk’s success are the staff who work diligently behind the scenes. From handling documents to orchestrating seamless communication and navigating the court system, their contributions are invaluable to Elk + Elk’s operations, and deserve recognition in the legal community.