R. Craig McLaughlin

[UPDATE] Elk + Elk Partner R. Craig McLaughlin Satisfied with Progress in Lawsuit Against Southeast Ohio Regional Jail Employees

UPDATED NOV. 2023 In a federal court case regarding the tragic death of our client while incarcerated at Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail, the final remaining defendant, a former jail nurse, has reached a settlement with the plaintiff. The trial was initially scheduled for January 2024. Representing the plaintiff, Kelsea Mercer, Elk + Elk attorney...

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Are you protected from uninsured drivers? Tips from an Ohio personal injury lawyer

by R. Craig McLaughlin 1 out of every 8 drivers on Ohio's roads is driving without auto insurance. Are you protected if you're involved in a crash with an uninsured driver? The next time you’re commuting to work or are carpooling kids to soccer practice, take a look around at the other cars on the...

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Elk & Elk Attorneys to Present at NBI Seminar

  Elk & Elk Attorneys to Present at NBI Seminar In the field of personal injury law, it is essential for attorneys and other legal professionals to possess a basic understanding of the human anatomy, types of injuries and common treatment options. An upcoming National Business Institute live seminar featuring presentations from three Elk & Elk attorneys...

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