Join the Mission to Protect Vulnerable Adults: The Portage County Guardianship Services Board

Elk + Elk attorney Amy Papesh was recently elected as chairman of the board during the Portage County Guardianship Board's first meeting! Given Amy's expertise in estate planning, administration, and guardianships, this opportunity aligns perfectly with her background. Amy is committed to helping others and hopes she can inspire future volunteers to follow in her...

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Got Will?

Many people think estate planning is only for the elderly or the very rich; however, every adult should prepare a Will, regardless of age or income level. A Will ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Without a Will, the law dictates these decisions. What is a Will? Simply put, a Will is...

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Adult Guardianships: Caring for the Elderly

If you are caring for an elderly family member who is no longer able to manage his or her own affairs, you may need to consider establishing legal guardianship. A guardian is a person who is appointed by the court as a representative to make decisions on behalf of a person who is found...

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