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Join the Mission to Protect Vulnerable Adults: The Portage County Guardianship Services Board

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Elk + Elk attorney Amy Papesh was recently elected as chairman of the board during the Portage County Guardianship Board’s first meeting! Given Amy’s expertise in estate planning, administration, and guardianships, this opportunity aligns perfectly with her background. Amy is committed to helping others and hopes she can inspire future volunteers to follow in her footsteps.

What Is The Portage County Guardianship Services Board?

The Portage County Guardianship Services Board (PCGSB) is a public agency that provides guardianship services for vulnerable adults who cannot decide for themselves. The PCGSB’s mission is to provide professional, efficient, and compassionate guardianship services while protecting the legal rights of every protected person under their care through the least restrictive means possible. The PCGSB strives to balance protection with individual autonomy by securing the health and safety of these wards while safeguarding their rights and preserving their dignity and independence wherever possible.

Are Volunteers Wanted?

Yes! The PCGSB develops a team of trained volunteers who visit wards regularly to safeguard against abuse, neglect, and exploitation and ensure that the ward’s needs are met. Volunteer visitors help provide wards with socialization, which can be critical for their emotional well-being and prevent them from feeling isolated or lonely.

The PCGSB is an essential agency that provides critical services for vulnerable adults who are unable to make decisions for themselves. You can join the PCGSB in its mission to protect vulnerable adults by volunteering, donating, or advocating for their cause. Together, we can help ensure that every protected person under the PCGSB’s care receives the best possible guardianship services. Learn more here.