dog bite

What to do after you’re attacked by a dog

Any dog can become aggressive, and an attack could leave you or your loved ones with serious injuries or worse. The dog’s owner can typically be held responsible, but there are steps that need to be taken soon after the incident to build a solid case. Enlist the help of family members, friends and a...

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When man’s best friend isn’t so friendly: Tips for avoiding dog bites

You’re jogging down the sidewalk when, out of nowhere, an unfamiliar dog comes charging toward you. Do you run the opposite direction? Scream at the top of your lungs? In this scenario, following your first instinct would probably be the worst decision you could make. Loud noises or sudden movements will further provoke the dog,...

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Dog Bite Prevention Week – 2014

By now you've probably seen the viral video of "Tara," a family cat saving a young boy from a dog attack.  Unfortunately, dogs bite more than 4 million Americans annually, half of which are children. While not all bites are severe, one in five dog bites results in injuries serious enough to require medical attention. National Dog...

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