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ODOT Asks Drivers to Be Cautious as 16th Snowplow Hit in 2024

As the winter season continues, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) faces an alarming trend – 16 snowplows have already been struck in the early weeks of 2024. ODOT Northeast Ohio Public Information Officer expressed deep concern over the frequency of these accidents, emphasizing the need for motorists to stay attentive, allow extra travel time, and maintain a safe distance from snowplows.


Safety Tips While Driving

  • Stay Attentive: Maintain focus on the road, especially when snowplows are active. Avoid distractions and prioritize safe driving practices.
  • Allow Extra Travel Time: Plan and allow additional travel time, considering the challenges of winter weather.
  • Maintain Safe Distance: Stay several hundred feet behind snowplows to provide them with the necessary space to make roads safe and passable.



The frequency of snowplow strikes underscores the urgency of ODOT’s call for caution. As we travel on our roads, we should prioritize safety, exercise vigilance, and heed the warnings from ODOT officials and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. By doing so, we continue to safer roadways for everyone.