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Use of Expert Witnesses in Your Personal Injury Case



Being in an automobile accident can be a traumatic and life changing event if your injuries are serious enough. You will have a lot of decisions to make and this can be very daunting.

After every accident, you will need to seek medical help and that can be very expensive. You need to get your car fixed, deal with your insurance company and handle a number of other details.

What you don’t need is to have to fight with someone to recover for your damages and loss. You shouldn’t have to deal with people who lie about who caused the accident and aren’t willing to take responsibility. But sometimes that’s the world we live in.

As your personal injury attorneys, our job is to prove to the other side that they were at fault and should be held liable for your damages. You deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering they’ve inflicted on you. We prove your case in a variety of ways.

After we’ve researched your case and came to the conclusion that someone else was liable for your injuries, we talk to the other side. We try to explain that they are responsible and sometimes they don’t want to cooperate. So we go to court.

Now in a court room, we’re either going to have to prove your case to a judge or a jury. And we do that by producing and showing evidence on your behalf. This evidence is brought to the jury in several types of ways. It could be photographs, charts, video footage and more commonly, witnesses. Each witness will be there to prove your case by either sharing what they saw or what they know of the accident. This is where an expert witness can be utilized.

An expert witness can be anyone from a doctor who specializes in an area or an accident reconstructionist. An accident reconstructionist will basically rebuild the entire accident scene through research data and models to help determine who was at fault for the accident. We may also bring in an economist. Their job is calculating all of your damages. Your damages include all of the monetary losses you suffered from medical expenses and bills. The economist will determine that loss as well as any future losses you may sustain due to a long-term or permanent injury.

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William J. Price