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Dangers of Cat Attacks

When people think of animal bites, they often think of dog bites. This is especially true when we think about pet bites.

However, other types of pets can bite, too. And like a dog bite, they can lead to severe injuries and massive medical bills. For instance, one woman attempted to feed a cat that bit her finger. What started with a small gesture of kindness turned into a major debacle with the woman facing over $48,000 in medical bills. If you have been injured involved in an animal attack, contact a Columbus injury attorney today.

Cat got your finger

In this case, the woman was attempting to feed a stray cat when it bit her finger. As such, there is likely no one who would be named in a lawsuit, including an owner or other caretakers. However, this type of incident could happen to anyone. Cats can be temperamental and territorial, which can lead to bites or scratches to unsuspecting people.

Further, many cat owners let their felines roam free outside. This can lead to violent interactions between a cat and human or other animals. In such situations, there may very well be an owner liable for the damage caused by his or her pet.

Costly consequences of cat attacks

Any animal bite can warrant medical attention. Often, medical staff will administer rabies vaccines and other medications to hopefully prevent serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses transmitted through animal bites.

There can also be nerve damage, serious lacerations and even disfiguring injuries. These can leave a person scarred, emotionally and physically.

Such treatments are necessary to keep victims safer and help to minimize the damage of an animal bite. However, they can prove to be quite expensive.

As such, it can be crucial to examine your legal options if you or your child has suffered a bite or other injuries from a dog, cat or another animal. It’d be best to seek legal advice from a Cleveland dog bite lawyer. Not only can a legal claim help you recover damages, but it can also lead to action that prevents an animal from harming another person.