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Construction sites by nature can pose significant threats to personal health and safety. Heavy machinery, dangerous equipment, power tools, electrical components, and unstable structures can all cause serious and fatal personal injuries to workers and pedestrians. It is a construction company’s legal duty to reasonably maintain the safety of a worksite. Failure to do so, resulting in personal injuries or deaths, is negligence.

If you or someone you love has been injured on a construction site in Cleveland, contact the Cleveland construction site injury lawyers at Elk & Elk Co., Ltd. You may be eligible for financial compensation from one or more at-fault parties. Whether you were a worker, a driver, or a pedestrian at the time, someone else could owe you money for your damages. Learn more about your case during a free consultation in Cleveland, Ohio.

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When to Call a Cleveland Construction Site Injury Lawyer

If you suffered broken bones, a head injury, brain injury, severe burns, electric shock, spinal cord injury, or another injury that significantly affected your life, call an attorney to discuss your claim. The Ohio courts provide an outlet for financial recovery to people with serious injuries from others’ negligence. Hiring a sonstruction injury lawyer will ensure that no one takes advantage of you during the claims process, such as an insurance company undervaluing your losses. A lawyer can also help you understand when a workers’ compensation claim is the right route for you or when a personal injury lawsuit is more appropriate.

Common Construction Site Hazards

Construction is the deadliest industry for American workers, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Most construction site accidents are preventable. The owner or manager of the construction site owes a duty to all workers and others on the site to keep it reasonably free from hazards. Failing to routinely inspect the site and repair known hazards is an act of negligence that could contribute to accidents.

  • Falls
  • Struck by object
  • Electrocutions
  • Caught-in/between objects
  • Exposure to hazardous substances
  • Crane accidents
  • Acts of violence

As a construction worker, it is your employer’s duty to properly prepare you for a job. Your employer should provide a reasonably safe workspace, proper training, and personal protective equipment. As a bystander, the construction site manager should prevent accidents by exercising reasonable care to avoid hazards such as collapsing scaffolds. Identifying who or what caused your accident is an important step in the claims process.

Who Is Liable?

If you wish to pursue damages after a construction site in Cleveland, you or your attorney must file a claim within two years of your accident. As an injured worker, a workers’ compensation claim could result in payment for your medical bills and two-thirds lost wages. A personal injury lawsuit could pay for 100% lost wages, plus pain and suffering damages. Determining which route is best for you can take help from an attorney.

Potentially liable parties in a construction site accident claim include an employer, construction company, site manager, coworker, subcontractor, third-party driver, product manufacturer, property owner, or criminal. A lawyer can help you identify the at-fault party with a thorough investigation of your serious accident.

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