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If you suffer an injury or contract an illness in Cleveland and can no longer work, you may be able to receive benefits from the federal Social Security Program. However, the process of applying for these benefits can be complex and lengthy.

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Who Is Eligible for Social Security Benefits in Cleveland?

If you suffered a recent disability that put you out of work in Ohio, you can receive disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. To be eligible for social security disability benefits in Ohio, you need to meet two main requirements. You must meet the work requirement, proving you have contributed enough taxes to qualify for the program. In addition, you must pass the disability test, which proves that you are unable to work due to your injuries or illnesses.

What is the Work Test?

The work test involves two parts. Depending on the age you became disabled, you must prove that you worked until recently and for long enough to receive the benefits. For example, if you became disabled before you turned 24, you must have worked for at least one and a half out of the past three years before the date of your disability. If you became disabled after the age of 31, you must have worked for at least five years out of the past ten years.

The next part of the work test is the duration of work test. To receive disability benefits, you must prove that you have worked long enough over the course of your life to qualify for the program. This duration is based on your age. For example, if you suffered your disabling condition at 60 years old, you need to have worked at least 9.5 years during your life. If the condition occurred at 28, you can qualify with 1.5 years of lifetime work experience.

What is the Disability Test?

To cut down on social security fraud, the second part of the qualifying test for SSDI is the disability test. The Ohio Division of Disability Determination will examine all of your medical records, including your medical history, and may require you to undergo an independent medical examination. When determining your eligibility, the department will consider five questions.

  • Are you working? To receive disability benefits, you cannot currently work and make over a certain income. For example, single people under retirement age cannot make more than $16,946.
  • How severe is your disability? To qualify for benefits, your disability must limit your working abilities for at least one year. Typically, the state looks to see if you can perform basic functions, such as walking or speaking.
  • Can you still perform your previous work functions? If you can still work at your previous job, you are not a disabled person.
  • Is your condition on the state List of Impairments? Ohio maintains a list of disabilities that automatically qualify for benefits.
  • Can you perform other types of work? If your disability limits your ability to perform your previous job but you can still work in another position, you will not qualify for benefits.

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