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Reconstructing Bicycle Accidents in Ohio

Reconstructing an accident can be a critical piece of a legal claim following a motor vehicle crash. With sophisticated tools and the experience in this area, reconstruction experts can help answer numerous questions about the incident, from what caused it to who may be to blame.

However, this process can be more challenging when it comes to bicycle accidents. As this article discusses, there are bicycle-specific obstacles that can make reconstruction more challenging. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact a bike accident lawyer in Columbus today for a free consultation.

Answers Can Vary by The Rider

The personal characteristics and experience of a driver typically do not play a factor in reconstructing a car crash. However, an experienced bicycle rider who is taller and heavier will typically have different injuries and reactions in a crash than a much smaller novice rider might have. Balance will also play a role in the accident.

Falling Without Collisions

Bicyclists can also be injured in an incident involving a car, even if the vehicle doesn’t hit the rider. Loss of traction, slippery roads and sudden braking can lead to serious injuries even though no collision has occurred.

Limitations with Injuries

As the article notes, reconstruction professionals can use car crash injuries to help them understand what happened. However, they can typically only use bicycle injuries to determine the direction each party may have been moving at the time.

While these limitations and obstacles can be disheartening, injured riders should know that there can be other ways to get answers after an accident.

For instance, there may be witnesses who might have valuable input. There could also be information gathered from surveillance cameras nearby and possibly a person’s cellphone and in-car infotainment systems.

Getting answers after a serious bicycle accident is crucial for victims and their families. Not only does it help them find some sense of closure, it can also provide the necessary basis for a legal claim seeking compensation they may deserve.