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Calculating Future Medical Costs


Ohio attorney Bill Price talks about what to do if your child has been severely injured in an accident and now needs long-term care.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be very challenging, confusing and emotional.  Doctor bills, insurance claims, and other issues won’t wait for injuries to heal. What’s even more troubling is when those injuries are significant and/or permanent. You may be struggling to cope with all the ways this harm will affect you and your family for the rest of your lives.

For some accident victims, there may come a time when your doctor cannot offer any more medical treatment because the injury is permanent. However, you may still help dealing with your injury and require assistance maintaining your health.

Therefore, you may seek restitution for not only current medical bills, hospital stays and prescription drugs, but also the future costs as well. If you’re bringing a lawsuit against the negligent party, you might wonder how we calculate all those costs? Well, the answer is with some help from experts.

With a medical expert, we can demonstrate your need for lifelong medical care. This can include physical therapy, doctor visits, prescription drugs and any other medical costs. But we all know prices change. The amount you paid for medication 10 years is not the same as today and will definitely be different 10 years from now. That’s where an economist becomes important. He or she can estimate what all of your future associated costs will be throughout the years. When dealing with an insurance company, we need to prove economic damages in order to settle or go to trial. By utilizing experts, we work to bring you and your family one step closer to recovery.

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William J. Price