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Why Won’t My Insurance Company Just Settle?

We see it all the time: thousands and even millions of dollars in settlements for people who are injured in all types of accidents all over the country. Why then, is your insurance company holding out on paying you a settlement?

As an injured victim, you need the insurance company to settle in order to be compensated for the various costs of being injured in an accident. These costs can include medical bills, doctor visits, physical therapy and even lost wages.

Unfortunately, your insurance company just refuses to settle. Their inaction is forcing you to take this issue all the way to trial. There are several reasons why an insurance company may do this. They may be looking to see just how much you’re willing to take in order to get compensated. Are you just looking for quick cash right now, or are you willing to wait the two years it may take to go to trial. Another reason to delay is if they just don’t fully believe or understand your injuries. Maybe they think your broken foot is just a sprained or it’s not all that serious.

Do not rely on your insurance company or adjuster to give you all the information. While you do pay them for a service, you must remember the company’s ultimate goal to make money for their shareholders. Your insurance company may fail to assist you or hide pertinent information.  In some cases, they will tell you they cannot help you and refuse to settle your case.

An experienced attorney can help guide you through the litigation process and be there to fight for your case. You deserve to be treated fairly by your insurance company and honestly. If you are being treated unfairly, you need someone on your side to help you and your family get past the injuries you’ve suffered and recover from your losses.

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— Michael Eisner