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Women continue to report Mirena issues

It’s been more than three years since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned Bayer about its deceptive advertising  practices relating to the intrauterine device known as Mirena.

Millions of women worldwide continue to use the product as birth control, and now, many are taking to the Internet to share their stories of problems related to use of the device.

A quick search online for “Mirena side effects, ” “Mirena issues” or “Mirena complications” will reveal  dozens of sites with women who either are using Mirena or who have used the IUD and now wish they had chosen a different form of birth control.

Many women report abdominal pain, extremely heavy menstrual flow, infections and mood swings. In more serious cases, the device has become dislodged and caused uterine perforation. Thousands of women have had Mirena removed because the side effects or complications were too difficult to endure.

Mirena’s marketing targeted “busy moms,” suggesting that the product would increase the level of intimacy, romance and emotional satisfaction for women. This in spite of clinical trials that reported at least 5 percent of women experienced decreased libido after use.  The marketing also suggested Mirena would help women “look and feel great,” despite known side effects including weight gain, acne, breast pain and tenderness.

The personal injury lawyers of Elk & Elk have nearly 50 years of experience battling big businesses who put the bottom line before the health and safety of their customers – businesses like Bayer, that continues to profit from Mirena despite the risk to millions of women’s well-being.  Making false and misleading ads and failing to inform patients of the risk of product migration and uterus perforation has endangered the health of every woman using the device.

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